Artificial Grass

Why choose artificial grass?

1.) Grass doesn’t grow!
2.) No maintenance
3.) More time to do the things you want to do
4.) Pet-friendly
5.) Children-friendly
6.) No need to worry about mud when its raining!

Some people confuse artificial grass with Astroturf! It is an entirely different material for an entirely different purpose. We understand for many people that it’s like Marmite, some love it some hate it.

However, don't simply write off the benefits if you have doubts, as for our clients that have chosen to go with artificial grass for any of the reasons listed above love it and don't look back!

Our exclusive supplier of artificial grass is Namgrass, which we feel is the most realistic brand on the market. We also understand that Sarah Beeny, Property Expert also recommends Namgrass.

If you’re looking for an authentic-looking garden but without the hassle of maintenance then it is good time to consider a change from traditional lawn. As with all of our projects, you would have input from the very beginning and throughout, not all artificial grass is the same! If you are not sure about what look and feel you want for your garden then we would encourage our potential clients to visit one of our previous projects so you can see for yourself.